Investigating incident related to documents (PDF) uploading


The PDF upload incident has been resolved and the signing flow sequence can be performed successfully for both new and in-progress envelopes.

An internal investigation is still in progress to identify and apply relevant preventions measures.

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Mircea Chercheata

We continue to debugging the issue affecting the event stream of document uploading for the new envelopes. Completing the signing flow for a newly created envelope will not be possible to accomplish until the upload failure is fixed.

The documents that have been created before Jan 5, 14:30 CET are not impacted and they can be signed and sealed based on the default sequence of actions.

We will provide updates as soon as we have isolated the root cause.

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Mircea Chercheata


We are actively investigating an incident affecting the document uploading for the newly created envelopes. Incident debugging is already in progress at the time of this announcement.

Thank you for your patience while we are working to fix this issue.

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Mircea Chercheata
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Affected components
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  • Signing
    • BankID Norway
    • BankID Sweden
    • BankID Finland (FTN)
    • MitID Denmark
    • eID Easy (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
    • Freja eID (International)
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