PDF viewing problematic for iOS users on mobile devices


Our Engineering team has been deploying a hotfix aimed to improve iOS PDF rendering issues caused by WebKit for Safari or Chrome browsers running on iOS 16 devices.

Thank you for your patience.

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Mircea Chercheata

We are aware of an ongoing PDF preview loading issue affecting our iOS users that might access the Verified Checkout using the Safari or Chrome browsers from a 16.x firmware Apple device.

This has been confirmed as a third-party issue related to the WebKit rendering engine performance on iOS 16.x version, still our teams are actively exploring workarounds to fix or improve our iOS mobile end user experience with Verified.

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Mircea Chercheata

We're sorry, The Verified platform is currently experiencing problems presenting PDFs on mobile iOS devices. This applies to both the Safari and Chrome browsers for iOS.

The team is working to resolve the issue.

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