Nets is experiencing operational disturbances with the ID-Rights service


Nets has finished their investigation and brought the ID-Rights service back online by means of a workaround.

They have found that the root cause lays in the way that their TCP/IP connections are created and terminated, and how the network components work together in the ID-Rights flow. Their ID-Rights vendor, Experian, is currently manually resetting their network connection pool regularly in order to keep the impact of the incident at a minimum. Nets will continue to work together with Experian in order to solve this permanently.

Thank you for your patience.

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The ID-Rights service is continuing to experience an incident that has been identified to affect both Norwegian and Swedish clients. Nets is still working together with their vendor to resolve the operational problems.

We will issue an update as soon as Nets have confirmed that the ID-Rights service is back to operational status. Thank you for your continued patience.

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An incident for ID-Rights has been detected and is under investigation by Nets.

Templates that fetch procurists for companies from ID-Rights might be affected.

Thank you for your patience while Nets investigates.

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