NemID: Nets are experiencing operational disturbances with their E-signing service


The incident is resolved, but Nets is currently repairing orders that have been affected.

CONSEQUENCES The incident affects orders that were created and initiated earlier than around 06:00 CET Friday morning. Customers trying to retrieve the SDO or PAdES may encounter issues, and customers requesting for status of the orders may get an unexpected status. Nets have identified the orders affected by this error and will repair the remaining affected orders and their status if required. This will unfortunately take some time.

All other usage of the service like creating new sign orders, signing documents etc is working as normal.

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The E-Signing service is currently unstable. Customers may experience problems to create and maintain signing orders and end users may not be able to sign documents. Nets is currently working to resolve the problems.

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Affected components
  • Signing
    • MitID Denmark