BankID Norway seems to be experiencing some problems


Last update from BankID: "The last expiring VA cert for BIT CA was renewed monday afternoon at 17:00. So errors related to expired VA cert for SB1, Eika or BIT CAs should be gone." And with that, the problem has been resolved.

Another update from BankID: "We will renew VA certificates for the BID banks this afternoon. We fixed Sparebank1 and Eika on Friday. Danske Bank will probably be fixed on Thursday. Hopefully will everything be resolved during this week"


We've received the following update from BankID:

"It is confirmed that only users with BankID certificates issued on the old CA who attempt to complete a Pades signing experience this error. We are trying, together with the banks, to renew the end users' BankID certificates so that customers do not notice anything about this error. For some users, it is urgent to complete their signing, for them the solution is contact their bank so that the bank can reissue their BankID certificate. A new certificate will be issued on a new CA. It is important to keep in mind that the user must authenticate twice before the renewal prosses is completed.

Hopefully, the banks and we will be able to complete renewals and issues of new certificates during this and next week."


Using BankID at the moment seems to result in a BID-137f error. We're monitoring the situation and trying to identify the root cause

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