Ongoing investigation: Verified confirmation emails automatically classified as Spam for Microsoft based email addresses


We've now resolved the incident. Thank you for your patience.

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We would like to inform you that we are aware and actively investigating together with our experts and with Microsoft, an EOP Exchange Online Protection event that seems to affect how organizations using Microsoft 365 Business, Enterprise, and, are receiving the Verified service confirmation emails.

Our Support team has received multiple reports lately that the Verified confirmation emails containing Recipient Portal URLs are automatically placed into the Spam folder and marked as Phishing emails by Microsoft email servers. We have not identified any type of similar issue for other email service providers used for receiving email notifications from Verified so far.

Based on the information gathered so far this seems to be a false positive classification affecting only companies using Microsoft-provided email. It needs to be specified that no changes have been made on our end that could influence this event.

Since other SaaS organizations have reported similar issues with Microsoft Support in the past, we are expecting that it might take a while until this problem is resolved.

If you are experiencing this issue and your organization is using the Microsoft email servers, the workaround would be to contact your IT administrator and raise a request to check and refine your organization's email phishing rules for emails coming from Verified. eu.

If you are waiting for urgent documents to be signed via Verified and you know that your organization email client is Microsoft-based, we suggest logging in to the and using the Verified Archive to download any new sealed documents.

Thank you!

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