The platform is unavailable

After 1 hour and 43 minutes

The problem has been resolved. We will investigate the root cause and see how to mitigate this sort of problem

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After 15 minutes

The issue seems to be that AWS' load balancers suddenly stopped working. The issue has been escalated to Amazon's support team

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We are investigating a critical incident as the platform is currently unavailable.

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Affected components
  • API
    • Authentication
    • Envelope actions
    • Query
  • Integrations
    • BankID AML
    • Bisnode Services
    • Brønnøysundregistrene
    • NETS ID-Rights Services
    • KAR Register Services
  • Signing
    • BankID Norway
    • BankID Sweden
    • NemID Denmark
    • BankID Norway NETS
    • BankID Sweden NETS
    • NemID Denmark NETS
    • E-Ident Finland NETS
    • E-Ident Mobiilivarmenne NETS
    • Tupas NETS
    • eID Easy (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Touch
  • Web portal
    • Login
    • Archive
    • Envelope Builder